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A Little Bit

About Myself

     I'm a graduate of the Systems Analyst Coop program at Sheridan College in Oakville.  I'm also CNA certified for Novell NetWare 3.x and 4.x and a Microsoft Certified Product Specialist for Windows NT Workstation 3.51.  Some time in the future I'm planning on getting either my CNE or Master CNE for Novell NetWare 4.x or my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer using Windows NT 3.51.

     I've always liked working with computers from when I got my Commodore VIC20 back in 1982, to getting a Commodore 64 in 1986, and my 486 IBM compatible in 1993.  Right now, I have a Pentium 150 to assist me with my studies and future computing needs.  I still have my VIC20 and Commodore 64 hooked up and occasionally play some the great old games that were better in sound and graphics than any IBM of that time.  Only on a VIC20 will you ever find the best version of Bally Midway's arcade classic Omega Race.

     I'm a big rail fan (someone who likes trains,) and I even have a HO track layout setup.  My collection mainly consists of 15 GO Transit single-level coaches, 3 FP40 engines, and a FP7 engine.  If anyone knows where I can get some bi-level GO Transit coaches or even the new GO Transit FP59 engines, please e-mail me (back on the main page.)  I also have a nice collection of Canadian Paciffic and Canadian National steam engines and a nice 6 coach British passenger train.  The track layout a dog bone shape on a 3.5 by 24 foot long table made out of peg board.  The layout is operational but the landscaping isn't finished.  I've been planning on expanding the table to include a round house, a larger freight or staging yard, and the whole layout itself to accomidate 2 running trains.  I've made a control panel for it which utilizes 2 cab operation for the layout.  LEDs are used to indicate which cab is using each of the 9 blocks.

     As for myself, I live here in Oakville, and I've lived here all my life.  Oakville, for those who don't know where it is, is located in Ontario, between Toronto and Hamilton, and at the mouth of the Sixteen Mile Creek going into Lake Ontario.  Oakville is the largest town in Canada with a population of over 120,000.  There are many unique shops, restaurants, cafes, galleries, and museums keeping the heratige of Oakville alive and strong.

     One feature of Oakville that makes it unique to Canada is that it was a planned community.  Most of the streets that start with a letter in the upper alphabet are in the east end while most of the streets that start with a letter in the lower alphabet are in the west end.  To get a better idea of how this works, you'll need to be travelling through Oakville on Lakeshore Road and observing the street signs but there are some exceptions.  Having a system like this makes it easier to get around town.  However, newer subdivisions in Oakville from the northeast to the northwest above the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) don't follow this pattern.

     Looking for somthing to do in Oakville?  Over the year are various events downtown such as the Oakville Waterfront Festival, Midnight Madness, and the new Oakville Winter Festival.  During each event downtown Oakville comes alive with lots of great entertainment.  The Oakville Waterfront Festival has brought down lots of great Canadian artists like Burton Cummings, Colin James, The Nylons, and Alannah Myles while the new Oakville Winter Festival featured Doug and the Slugs.  At Midnight Madness you get to hear some more great music from local bands, eat great food, watch all sorts of entertainment, and even browse around the stores of Olde Oakville.

     So, if you're planning on taking a small vacation in Ontario, why not take a quick stop in downtown Oakville to see some of the old houses, shops, churches, and museums.

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