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My Favorite Things


Epic Pinball, Quake, Doom, Heretic, The 7th Guest, and SimAnt.


The Wuzzles, Captain Simian, Tale Spin, ReBoot, Gargoyles, and Jungle Cubs.

Cartoon Characters

Rhinokey, Roger Rabbit, Don Karnage, Megavolt, and Brooklyn.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Loaded Weapon 1, The Star Wars Trilogy, and The Mask.

Sports Teams

      Toronto Blue Jays,     Toronto Raptors, and the Toronto Maple Leafs


Model railroading, electronics, cycling, and graphics.

Special Events

Canadian National Exhibition, Oakville Waterfront and Winter Festivals, Spring Fling, and Downtown Oakville Midnight Madness.


B.J. Birdy, The Toronto Raptor, and Jake from the Lake.

Attractions or Places of Interest

Historic buildings, shopping centres, CN Tower, and SkyDome.

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