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The Books Gallery

These images were mostly seen in the Wuzzles books and even on the Wuzzles plush boxes and other stuff.  There's noticable differences in the way some of these Wuzzles were drawn than the ones from the cartoon series.  Rhinokey is a very good example of this.

Featured artists are: Pat Paris, Eve Rose, and Carolyn Bracken.

Please ask permission first and provide a link back to the Unofficial Wuzzles' Fan Page if you're going to use any of these images for your web page.  Zero tolerance if these images are used for profit.  Thank you for your co-operation :)

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Bumblelion   Rhinokey   Eleroo   Butterbear   Moosel   Hoppopotamus
Tycoon   Woolrus   Skowl   Pandeaver   Piggypine   Koalakeet
Crock   Group Pictures   Possible Wuzzle

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