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My Wuzzle Collection

Ever since watching the Wuzzles a few years ago I've started collecting Wuzzles stuff.  Here's what I have so far.  I've been going around to flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, and the Internet.  Sorry, none of this is for sale.

11" Plush Wuzzles:

Bumblelion (1984)
Bumblelion (1984 with "W" and Canadian tags)
Rhinokey (1984)
Rhinokey (1984 with "W")
Rhinokey (1985)
Eleroo (1984 with "W")
Eleroo (With Canadian tags)
Butterbear (1984)
Butterbear (1984 with Canadian tags)
Moosel (1984)
Moosel (1985)
Hoppopotamus (1984)
Hoppopotamus (1984 with "W")
Hoppopotamus (1984 with Canadian tags)
Tycoon (1986)
Tycoon (1986 with Canadian tags)
Pandeaver (1986)
Pandeaver (1986 with Canadian tags)
Piggypine (1986 with Canadian tags)
Skowl (1986 with Canadian tags)
Woolrus (1986)
Koalakeet (1986 with Canadian tags)

8" Plush Wuzzles:

Bumblelion (With Canadian tags)
Hoppopotamus (With Canadian tags)
Eleroo (With Canadian tags)

3.5" PVC Wuzzle Figures:


2" Miniatures:



Hasbro Bradley, Inc. Collectors Series:

     Butterbear Plants a Surprise
     Moosel's Special Gift
     Eleroo's Big Surprise
     Win One For Bumblelion
     Hoppopotamus Plays Detective
     Rhinokey's Opening Night
     Skowl Fixes Things For Crock
     Woolrus' Sleepy Time Pal
     Piggypine's Weighty Problem
     Tycoon Comes Through
     Koalakeet Saves The Day
     A Hot Tip For Pandeaver

Cuddle Books Series (Random House):

     Meet the Wuzzles
     The Have-It-All Wuzzle
     The Wuzzle Book of Seasons
     When Do You Snuzzle a Wuzzle?

Disney's See Hear Read Series:

     Eleroo and the Brahma Bullfinch
     Bumblelion's Funny Money
     Butterbear's Surprise Guest
     Hoppopotamus Goes To Hollywuz

Random/Happy House Books:

     The Wuzzles' Fair
     The Wuzzles and the Big Game
     The Wuzzles' Alphabet Book
     The Wuzzles and the Best Gift of All
     Have You Snuzzled A Wuzzle Today?
     The Wuzzles and the Creepasaurs
     The Wuzzle Bath Book
     The Wuzzles' Christmas Coloring Book
     Meet the Wuzzles Coloring Book
     Wuzzles' Dot-to-Dot Coloring Fun
     The Wuzzles' Wishing Flower
     Wuzzles' Paint Box Book

World/Mini World Books:

     The Wuzzles Play Pad (colouring book, mazes, etc...)
     The Wuzzles' Crazy Holiday
     The Wuzzles' and the Haunted Castle/Tycoon's Birthday Celebration
     Hoppo's Hiccups

Little Owl Superstars Books:

     Butterbear's Popping Plant
     Eleroo to the Rescue
     Moosel wants to Fly

St. Michael Story Books

     The Talent Contest/Island of Fear

Fleetway Publishing

     Wuzzles Annual 86
     Wuzzles Annual 89

Misc. Wuzzles Stuff:

Wuzzles mug featuring Rhinokey and Butterbear
View Master reel set
Wuzzles lunchbox (Aladdin)
Wuzzles lunchbox (Thermos)
Wuzzle Carnival Sticker Adventure Book
Panini Wuzzles Sitcker Album
Twin bed flat sheet
Sewing cards
60 Piece MB Puzzle of Rhinokey
60 Piece MB Puzzle of Eleroo
Wuzzles Card Game
Wuzzles Windsock featuring Eleroo
Wuzzles Colorforms Play Set
Wuzzles Deluxe Colorforms Play Set
10 Piece Playskool Puzzle of Eleroo
The Wuzzles TV Press Kit
Wuzzles Sport Bag with Rhinokey and Eleroo

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