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Rhinokey's Quotes

Here's a list of some of Rhinokey's famous jokes, quotes, and insults.  Well almost famous.

What I'd like is to never see that ugly Crock's face again.

Uh oh, Bumblelion's on a roll.

Looks like some change in the weather.  I'll take mine in nickels, dimes, and quarters.

I knew you wanted to itch for fame, but this is rediculus.

Looks like Crock is going to make a big splash.

You know me, have joke will travel.

I prefer applause, but thunder clapping will do.

Well the book's right, I left a lasting impression.

If anything will plug that volcano it's Hoppo's potamus.

Not now, I just declared Earthquake Prevention Week!

I wish I could say it was nice running into you!

Follow that and we'll find Hoppo, her stomach's growling.

And we haven't been to Hoppo's yet.  When she packs a lunch, she has to rent a trailer.

Good grief!  My banana-float split is going to be a banana-float splat!

You know, this vacation's the pits!

As far as your talent is concerned.  You haven't even scratched the surface.

With your talent you should be on the stage.  The next one leaves in an hour.

Hope I don't get ring around the cab.

All I have to do is take perfect aim.  Perfect aim?  This is Hoppo, how can I miss?

You can lead a snorse to water but you can't get it to sit on a whoopie cushion.

Say did you hear the one about the guy who took a ruler to bed to see how long he slept?

Say did you hear the one about the guy who walked into an antique store and asked "what's new?"

I couldn't even solve a jigsaw puzzle if it only has two pieces.

That Crock is lower than a sabre-tooth snake's bellybutton.

I know you think I'm crazy, and this is the first time I'm agreeing with you.

Well what's the worst that could happen, huh? They'll throw me in jail with a captive audience for my jokes!

Always happens, the spare is flat too.

<Hoppopotamus> I don't need exercise, I've got the body of a beauty queen.

<Rhinokey> Well you better give it back, you're stretching it out of shape.

<Moosel> Uh oh, is every-wuzzle sea sick?

<Rhinokey> Yeah, we see his sandwiches and we get sick!

<Eleroo> What kind of costume are you going to wear this year Bumblelion?

<Bumblelion> Uh something new, something original, something special.

<Rhinokey> The old ghost costume, huh?

<Rhinokey> What kind of key goes in through a door and goes out through a window?

<Eaglebeagle> I give up.  What kind?

<Rhinokey> A Rhinokey!

<Hoppopotamus> Look horn face!  If this doesn't go, I don't go.

<Rhinokey> Good, see yeah next year Hoppo!

<Eleroo> But I'm worrying as fast as I can.

<Rhinokey> Good, then I don't have to worry.

<Moosel> What kind of an egg is it?

<Rhinokey> It looks like a pouched egg and the yoke's on you.

<Hoppopotamus> Do you think my voice will move the audience?

<Rhinokey> If they haven't moved already.

<Moosel> Why are we chasing an egg?

<Rhinokey> Who cares, the fun is in the scramble.  Oh I break me up!

<Eaglebeagle> ... cut the wise guy routine.

<Rhinokey> Cut it, but it's my best routine!  Boy you're a tough audience.

<Hoppopotamus> Here's a section on how to greet a lady.

<Rhinokey> Great, find a lady and lets get started!

<Eaglebeagle> OK funny boy, we've just found a big pile of money in your mailbox.  What have you got to say now?

<Rhinokey> I'll take three more mailboxes just like it!

<Butterbear> I didn't know minahbears like to bowl.

<Rhinokey> It's right up their alley.

<Hoppopotamus> You mean I'm too big a star for this little theater.

<Rhinokey> Well, lets just say someone like you should be on the wide screen.

<Butterbear> Wait Hoppo, where are you going?

<Hoppopotamus> Off to where a big star like me belongs.  To a place where a top banana gets top billings.  Where the cream rises to the top.

<Rhinokey> I knew it!  She's off to the malt shop again.

<Mrs. Pedagree> Excuse me, but are you free?

<Rhinokey> Nope, but I'm inexpensive.

<Rhinokey> Psst...  I'm up here.

<Moosel> What are you doing up there?

<Rhinokey> Trying to shed a little light on my problem.

<Rhinokey> Great costume Hoppo.  The Lockwuz Monster!

<Hoppopotamus> I'm suposed to be Tinker Wuzzle!

<Rhinokey> Wow it sure fills the sky!

<Hoppopotamus> Is that a fat joke?

<Bumblelion> No, he means the banner.

<Hoppopotamus> You know how badly I wanted to sing the Wuz National Anthem.

<Rhinokey> And no one can sing is as badly as you!

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