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What Are Wuzzles?

     Wuzzles are winged creatures that are two animals in one and live in the Land of Wuz.  Legend says that somewhere on Earth there is such a place but no one knows where it is.  Wuzzles use the same things that we find in our own house such as a sink, knives and forks, and the telephonograph(?).  Okay so some things that they use are a little different, but then again we have broomvacs.

     There was an animated television series from Disney called "Disney's Wuzzles" which aired back in 1985.  This series featured superior animation techniques, more cells and frames, and vivid colours.  The result is a very smooth flow of animation.  There were only thirteen episodes of the Wuzzles and one of them was released in the theaters.  I'm guessing that there was plans for more episodes, but the series didn't make it to the second season.

     Just before the series, there was a huge toy line of the Wuzzles released by Disney and Hasbro Bradley.  Stuff from plush Wuzzles, posable figures, miniatures, radios, bed sheets, books, clothing, and possibly other stuff.  From what I know, the plush toys were dated back to 1984.  A second set of the original Wuzzles was released with six new ones through 1985 to 1986.  This new set of Wuzzles had a new series of books.

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